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What is The Foothold ICF Footing System?

The Foothold Footing Form Tie is a molded plastic part made in the USA from recylcled polypropelene.

Simply cut 2 inch thick rigid foam planks (XPS or EPS) available at your local building supply and insert them into the openings in The Foothold and you have an ICF for footings that is compatible with all major brands of ICFs.

The Footing Form Tie is a molded plastic part with openings for rigid foam material to be placed into horizontally, maintaining a consistent space apart from each other with multiple hooks for securing rebar in various locations.

The Footholds are sold in boxes of 25 at $72.50 each box +shipping enough for approximately 40 lin. ft. of footing.

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1) Customer pick-up from 902 South Quaker Ln, West Hartford, CT 06610.

2) Shipping quote and we'll help you place your order: 860-523-1222.

The Foothold Box (25 Pieces)
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ICF Foothold in Action!