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What is The Foothold ICF Footing System?

The innovative product designed and developed by ICF Building Company simplifies the process of forming a footing that will allow for a faster and easier ICF build.

The Foothold improves the ever-changing landscape of insulating concrete form construction. This product is an ICF for footings that is compatible with all major brands of ICFs. The Foothold is a stay in place form tie for concrete footing forms made of molded plastic. A single piece serves as a connector for two horizontal concrete footing form planks.

The Footing Form Tie is a molded plastic part with openings for rigid foam material to be placed into horizontally, maintaining a consistent space apart from each other with multiple hooks for securing rebar in various locations.

The Footholds are sold in boxes of 25 at $72.50 each box +shipping enough for approximately 40 lin. ft. of footing.

Shipping Options:

1) Customer pick-up from 902 South Quaker Ln, West Hartford, CT 06610.

2) Shipping quote and we'll help you place your order: 860-523-1222.

The Foothold Box (25 Pieces)
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ICF Foothold in Action!